About us

Wiromix Chemical Company was founded in 1982 by people with a passion for creating of chemical products for households and professional use. With hard work and strong will a dream came true. We are proud of the fact that for three decades we have continued to prove that we are a reliable business partner.

The mission of Wiromix S.C. is to produce high-quality household and professional chemical products and fulfill specific customers orders, while maintaining high production standards and taking care of family character of the company.
The fulfillment of the mission is based on the 30 years of experience in product creation and cooperation with reliable suppliers. We have constantly improved our products and extend our range by adapting to the needs of our customers. We have our own laboratory where we develop our unique recipes. All products are made from carefully selected raw materials having the necessary approvals and certificates, meeting European Union standards.

A very important issue for us is to care about the world around us. Our products are environmentally friendly. With carefully selected components and the continuous modernization, all our products are biodegradable in more than 90%. We are one of the first chemical companies in Poland, which received the European Eco Label, mark that distinguishes high-quality, environmentally friendly products sold in the EU.

As a family business we take care of a friendly atmosphere and respect for the people with whom we work internally and externally. We believe that good relationships and maintaining high standards is a recipe for success of Wiromix.

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